Say “Yes” More Often with Data-Driven Insights

DSi (Dragnet Solutions, Inc.) is a leading provider of data-driven insight services that enable financial organizations to reach new markets, open new channels, safely grow profitable accounts, and say “yes” more often to qualified applicants, including those 30% of U.S. households with limited financial histories who are invisible to traditional account-screening services.  


Match More Applicants

Highest match rates, even for no-file and thin-file applicants

Deepen Customer Insights

Insights on identities, financial stability, and risk from proven data sources

Find Predictive Patterns

Gain insights through custom analytics and machine learning

Real-time Scoring

FCRA and non-FCRA confidence scores, segmentation/product guidance, OFAC

Streamline Account Opening

Reduce keystroke errors and improve the customer experience

Maximize Profits

Identify profitable customers and cross-sell on Day 1 while reducing losses

Accelerated Insight has enabled us to rapidly grow our customer base in a responsible way. Done correctly, KYC practices support growth, not inhibit it.
— Dan Holt, CEO, BillGO

Reach Out, Include More

At DSi, we’re committed to supporting financial inclusion.

Our solutions are help financial organizations new opportunities and more choices to underserved households. At the same time, our product guidance helps financial organizations grow profits in a responsible, repeatable manner.

We have solutions for banks, credit unions, and alternative financial services vendors.

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