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Now financial institutions can get

real-time customer analytics right

at the point of service.

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Growth up.

Fraud down.

Bottom line healthy.

Our ROI calculator shows how

Accelerated Insight can make

it all possible. 

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One service

does it all.

In real time.

Greater accuracy, higher match rates,

and usable data: Accelerated Insight

is a game-changer. 

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Think underbanked

means over-risky?

Think again.

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Move Day 2

CIP Processing

to Day 1.

Improve customer experiences

while streamlining operations with

AI Workbench .

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Instant Verification for Better Customer Relations & Compliance

Start with an accurate foundation for sales.

Help sales efforts maintain momentum with accurate customer information from the word “hello.”

Reduce errors and accelerate workflow.

Make branch operations simple and efficient with automated data updating and correction.

Detect fraud today, not tomorrow.

Give branch personnel and online applications instant access to accurate customer data.

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Accelerated Insights...

White Paper: 6 Strategies for Profitable Customers

In our latest white paper, we present 6 strategies for identifying and selling to your most profitable customers

Increasing Sales and Reducing Fraud through Real-time Identity Verification Services

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5 Key Steps for Growing Profitable Accounts

Even in a challenging economy, financial institutions can take practical steps to grow accounts, streamline operations, and reduce fraud.

Dragnet Solutions to Offer First Data Confidence Score Solution

Now financial institutions can include the First Data Confidence Score in the real-time account-screening data returned by Accelerated Insight.