Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the financial industry by enabling access through data-driven insights.

We enable financial organizations to leverage data-driven insights to access new markets, open new channels and say “yes” to more profitable customers, including the nearly 30% of American households that are invisible to traditional account-screening services.

We provide consumers with data-driven products that increase inclusion, lower costs, and enable more people to say “yes” to financial services.


Say "Yes" more often with Data-Driven Insights from DSi

The Company

DSi (Dragnet Solutions, Inc.) is a leading provider of data-driven insight services that enable financial organizations to reach new markets, open new channels, and safely grow profitable accounts. DSi Accelerated Insight is a real-time account screening service that helps organizations confidently say yes to more qualified applicants, including those with limited financial histories. Built on DSi’s proprietary discovery system, Accelerated Insight provides a fast, web-based interface that enables financial organizations to better differentiate customers, grow revenues, prevent fraud, and comply with KYC/CIP, Red Flags, and OFAC. DSi Mobile Intercept is a new identity document authentication Web service designed specifically to address the challenges of authenticating and onboarding consumers on mobile devices. Mobile Intercept provides a fast, reliable way of authenticating identity documents such as driver’s licenses, streamlines account-opening and transaction verification, and delivers a frictionless customer experience.

Reach Out, Include More

Nearly a third of American households (about 68 million people) are unbanked or underbanked. These households include millennials, immigrants, and those who left traditional financial services in the recession and are now looking for affordable financial services from responsive, trustworthy organizations, including banks and non-banks.

This is a large and growing market. In 2014, unbanked and underbanked households paid $138 billion in interest and fees on a total volume of $1.6 trillion of financial activity. This activity has been growing steadily at around 5% per year. By serving this market, financial organizations have the opportunity to grow profits while also markedly improving the lives of millions of Americans.

But to serve this market profitably and in compliance requires data analytics beyond the usual tools that report on consumers with long financial histories. By definition, unbanked and underbanked households are unreported or underreported. They make up the roughly 30% of Americans that are invisible to traditional account-screening tools. To open accounts safely and offer optimal product guidance, financial organizations need data-driven insights that simply are not available from traditional consumer reporting and account-screening services.

By applying advanced data analytics and machine learning, DSi Accelerated Insight delivers data-driven insights that take the risk out of serving these households, enabling organizations to say "yes" to more applicants. 

Accelerated Insight helps consumers, too, by enabling more financial organizations to serve more customers. Improved data analytics helps create a marketplace with more choices for consumers interested in managing finances effectively and affordably.

Using DSi's data-driven insights, financial organizations can reach out to their communities, open more accounts, support financial inclusion, and make a critical difference in millions of people's lives. For all concerned, we consider that a profitable endeavor.