Our Mission

Where others see data, we see opportunity.

At DSi, our mission is to provide the data-driven insights that grant companies and consumers fair, fast and easy access to opportunity.

Our real-time web services, combined with our expertise in predictive data analytics, enable the digital insights and frictionless user experiences that have changed the onboarding game forever.


DSi for Companies

Companies accelerate growth — and reduce losses — via deeper access to data they trust, new mobile channels, and a larger pool of more profitable customers. 


DSi for Consumers

Consumers, even those with limited financial histories, can seamlessly access more products and services, and enjoy a frictionless onboarding experience.

Our Company

DSi is a leading provider of data-driven insights that power fast, fair access to new products and services, enabling companies to accelerate the onboarding experience for consumers everywhere and to say "yes" to more profitable accounts.

Our Accelerated Insight® product suite—featuring our Document Insight and Customer Insight web services platforms—are designed with both companies and consumers in mind. Companies leverage our services to seamlessly onboard new prospects, reduce mobile abandonment, verify and match profitable customers, and lower application rejection rates. Consumers benefit from fast, seamless access to more services—all at a far lower cost.