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Grow Profits and Reduce Loan Rejection Rates with Machine Learning

Read this white paper to learn how lenders can:

  • Use Machine Learning to refine their data models
  • Grow profits
  • Reduce loan rejection rates

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Accelerate Mobile Onboarding with Machine Learning

Accelerating Mobile Onboarding with Machine Learning

Read this white paper to learn how organizations can:

  • Verify the identities of mobile users, typically by analyzing photos of driver's licenses or other IDs.
  • Complete this verification in real time in order to reduce application abandonment rates that can reach as high as 80%.
  • Deliver a great experience for mobile users, who have high expectations for fast, frictionless service.

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Leveraging Data Analytics to Deliver a Frictionless Customer Journey

Read this white paper to learn:

  • Why reducing friction is critical for banks, credit unions, FinTechs, and other organizations in the financial services market.
  • The critical role that data analytics can play in reducing friction, especially for mobile account opening.
  • How DSi's patented solution for mobile account opening reduces frictions and helps organizations grow profits and reduce risks.

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Growing Revenue by Focusing on Profitability, Not First Payment Default

Many lenders base their lending decisions on predictions of First Payment Default (FPD), rather than on likely account profitability. But our analysis of multiple lenders shows that, when it comes to predicting actual profitability, FPD is no more reliable than a coin toss. Using Accelerated Insight, lenders can build decision models that focus on real business outcomes while also reducing FPD.
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Unlocking the Potential of Mobile Banking with Data-driven Insights

The next frontier in mobile banking is mobile account opening. Enabling consumers to open accounts on smartphones and tablets is especially critical for those institutions interested in serving tech-savvy Millennials or unbanked and underbanked households who use smartphones as their sole means of Internet access.
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6 Strategies for Identifying and Selling to Your Most Profitable Customers

Even when institutions win business and open accounts, risks persist. Not all customers will be profitable. Some will charge-off because of losses, and a few will perpetrate fraud. But others will become loyal, profitable customers, and some of these profitable customers will be willing to consolidate their business with the institution.
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Real-time Discrepancy Clearing for Customer Onboarding

At many financial institutions today, clearing discrepancies in Customer Identification Program (CIP) data is a batch process that occurs on Day 2—after the customer has already left the branch. This delay can be costly. It increases the chances of losses from fraud and compromises the quality of the onboarding experience. Real-time discrepancy clearing enables branch associates to work with customers to clean up data at account opening, making it easier for the institution to catch fraud, to reduce costs, and to deliver the best possible onboarding experience.
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Realizing Overlooked Opportunities in Account-Opening Operations

Technology has changed dramatically over the past decade, but for many institutions, account opening has changed little since the advent of Check 21. As a result, institutions are missing opportunities to improve customer experience and operational efficiency. Read this white paper to learn how financial institutions can take advantage of recent advances in software architectures and scanning technology to make account-opening more pleasant for customers and more cost-effective and profitable for institutions.
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The Benefits of Real-time Data Analytics for Financial Institutions

Banks and credit unions struggle to make DDA accounts profitable. Recent surveys show that the average DDA account generates $414 in annual revenue, but only 40% of DDA accounts turn out to be profitable. By integrating real-time data analytics into account screening and onboarding, financial institutions can segment customers into the most profitable types of accounts on Day 1, while also streamlining operations, reducing costs, and improving customer experience.
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Growing Profitable Accounts with the Financially Underserved

Nearly a third of American households rely primarily on non-traditional financial services to manage their money. Many of these households are interested in opening DDA accounts, but the account-screening services used by most banks and credit unions are often unable to verify the identities of these applicants.
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Learn How Real-time Account-Screening Can Grow Profits and Reduce Fraud

Financial institutions can grow deposits, cross-sell more products, and increase brand loyalty by focusing on the first 90 days of customer relationships—it’s during this short window of opportunity nearly 75% of cross-selling occurs. By optimizing in-branch workflows to take advantage of real-time identity verification, financial institutions can grow accounts, cross-sell effectively, increase branch profitability, and reduce fraud.
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Four Insights on the New Face of Payments Fraud

How is fraud changing? How can you stop it? When banking changes, banking fraud changes with it. To stay one step ahead of fraud operators, financial institutions need to keep a watchful eye on payment technologies, customer trends, and new forms of cyber-attacks, including mobile malware. Which new threats matter the most?
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