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Dragnet Solutions, Inc. to Offer First Data Confidence Score Solution

NOVATO, CA – Jan. 8, 2013 — Dragnet Solutions, Inc. announced today that it has integrated First Data Confidence Score in its Accelerated InsightSM identity verification service for financial institutions.  Dragnet Solutions customers can now choose to include First Data Confidence Score in the real-time data delivered by Accelerated Insight. First Data is a global […]

2012 BAI Retail Delivery Conference

  We’re back from this year’s BAI Retail Delivery Conference in Washington, D.C. It was a great conference:  good speakers, lively conversations, and lots of innovation to see on the exhibition floor. There was a lot of excitement about mobile. But in our conversations with bankers, we found that many institutions, large and small, are […]

A Tale of Two Banks Pursuing Aggressive Growth Strategies

Imagine two banks that have decided to grow accounts aggressively. Bank #1: Open Now, Fix Later The first bank opens accounts for nearly anyone who enters the branch. Applicants walk in, meet with a banker, and walk out thinking that they have an account. Back-office processing for new accounts takes place in batch mode at […]

Meeting FFIEC Regulations while Improving Customer Experience

In July 2011, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) published a supplement to its 2005 guidelines, “Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment.” The supplement, which is available here, notes that Internet fraud has become more sophisticated in recent years: “Since 2005, there have been significant changes in the threat landscape. Fraudsters have continued to […]

Identity Verification Test Drive: Examples of Trials of Accelerated Insight

We offer financial institutions trials of Accelerated Insight, our real-time identity verification service. The form of a trial varies. We tailor each trial to suit the needs of the institution we’re working with. In this blog post, I’ll describe some of the forms that a trial can take. First, though, let’s review just what it […]

3-Minute Intro to Accelerated Insight

Click the play button to start the video. To watch in full-screen mode, start the video, mouse over it, and click the expand button. More details about Accelerated Insight here. To learn more, please call +1 (650) 931-2350 or write to