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See It Live at BAI Payments Connect: Dragnet Intercept Running with Epson Scanners

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just certified two Epson scanners, the TM-S2000 and the TM-S9000, for use with Intercept, our real-time ID document authentication service.  We’ll be demonstrating the two products working together in Booth #313 at BAI Payments Connect next week in Las Vegas. (For more about Payments Connect, see the official Web […]

Risk Management for Customer Onboarding

The customer onboarding process is fraught with risks. First, there’s the very real risk that your latest customer is a fraudster. Financial institutions expect to be hit with more fraud this year, including credit card fraud, check fraud, and account take-overs. Every time your institution opens an account, there’s a chance—too big a chance—that the […]

Customer Onboarding: Two Critical Questions

When someone walks into the branch of a financial institution to open an account, the branch personnel need to answer two questions. First, is this person who they say they are? Second, do we want to do business with them? After a cursory examination of the person’s driver license and a few background questions, most […]