Accelerated Insight Product Suite

Onboard with Accelerated Insight
Accelerating Customer Onboarding with Data-Driven Insights

The DSi Accelerated Insight® Product Suite features two Web services platforms — Document Insight™ and Customer Insight™ — that together provide a complete solution for mobile onboarding. 

Document Insight features two real-time services, AI Extract and AI Authenticate, which accept images of the front and back of an ID as inputs. AI Extract automatically extracts card data for use in auto-form-fill. AI Authenticate validates the ID as authentic. Both services accelerate mobile or online onboarding. They can be integrated into a mobile app or Web app, launched via a text message sent directly to a consumer, or accessed via an XML call.

Customer Insight features two real-time services, AI Verify and AI Lift, which support KYC/CIP verifications and loan decisioning. AI Verify performs comprehensive, real-time ID verification and risk/confidence analysis. AI Lift applies advanced analytics to re-consider loan applicants that lenders might otherwise reject. 

With two pictures of an ID and the consumer’s Social Security number, our Accelerated Insight solution performs a complete vetting of a customer for onboarding in 10 seconds or less. 

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