Mobile Intercept 

Mobile Intercept is an identity document authentication service designed specifically to address the challenges of authenticating and onboarding consumers on mobile devices. 

Featuring real-time ID authentication and auto-form-fill, the Mobile Intercept Web service provides a fast, reliable way of streamlining account-opening and transaction verification to deliver a frictionless customer experience. 



Mobile Account Opening Made Fast and Easy

Upon receiving card imagery from the built-in camera on a smartphone or tablet, the Mobile Intercept service: 

  • Reads card data, including card security features, and verifies the authenticity of the ID being presented either for account opening or for verifying subsequent transactions. Mobile Intercept’s analysis software is fully automated, providing near instant response (unlike services that rely on call centers for verification). In a competitive market, the service with fast, frictionless onboarding wins. 
  • Populates forms with card data, reducing or eliminating typing and keystroke errors. 
  • Uses patented technology to store card imagery as a token, enabling an institution to track the use and location of specific IDs. This token could also be used as an added level of authentication for high risk or high value transactions. 
  • Applies card data to Customer Information Program (CIP) and other account-screening processes, such as DSi Accelerated Insight, our real-time service for identity verification and guidance for account segmentation. 

Benefits for Consumers and the Financial Organizations Serving Them

Mobile Intercept enables financial services organizations to reach consumers on smartphones and tablets, streamlines account opening, and delivers a great customer experience.

Mobile account opening is especially important for supporting financial inclusion and reaching financially underserved consumers, many of whom depend on mobile devices for Internet access. 

When integrated with DSi Accelerated Insight (shown below), Mobile Intercept becomes part of a complete solution for real-time mobile account opening, comprising ID authentication, identity verification, and product segmentation and guidance.

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