We offer financial institutions trials of Accelerated Insight, our real-time identity verification service. The form of a trial varies. We tailor each trial to suit the needs of the institution we’re working with.

In this blog post, I’ll describe some of the forms that a trial can take. First, though, let’s review just what it is we’re offering in a trial.

Accelerated Insight in a Nutshell

Accelerated Insight is a secure, real-time Web service that accepts customer data, such as a name and a previous address, and instantly returns the complete and accurate data that financial institutions need for identity verification—data that includes the customer’s name, the current address, Social Security Number, and a risk/confidence assessment.

Accelerated Insight applies data-cleansing and risk-analysis algorithms to data drawn from billions of consumer records managed by a leading data aggregator. Accelerated Insight is a standards-based, SOAP-compliant Web service that supports both .Net and PHP and that can be extended to support other programming interfaces upon request. Dragnet Solutions grants access to Accelerated Insight only to banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. Each institution’s data is accessible only to its authorized users.

Now that we know what we’re delivering in a trial, let’s consider the various ways we can deliver it.

A Batch Data-Cleanliness Trial

If you’d simply like to compare the results of Accelerated Insight to the results of your institution’s current identity verification service, you can sign up for a trial and then send us customer records. Within 30 days, we’ll send you the results from Accelerated Insight’s data-cleansing and risk analysis algorithms.

An Unbranded Web Service Trial

A batch data trial lets you experience Accelerated Insight’s data-cleansing and risk analysis, but it doesn’t let you experience the speed at which Accelerated Insight performs analysis and delivers results. After all, it’s one thing to understand that a service delivers real-time results. It’s another thing to see accurate customer data and a risk assessment appear instantly on a computer screen in a branch with a potential customer sitting just a few feet away.

To experience the benefits of real-time analysis, ask for a trial that gives you access to our standard user interface and the right to analyze a certain number of accounts per day. This type of trial lets you key in customer data at the point-of-service and see real-time results from Accelerated Insight: corrected addresses, corrected Social Security Numbers, and risk/confidence assessments that can prove helpful when deciding whether or not to open accounts.

An Integrated Web Service Trial

Accelerated Insight has a fully documented application programmatic interface (API). An institution’s technical team can use this API to integrate Accelerated Insight with the software applications used for customer onboarding at a branch. Integration isn’t difficult since the API is standards-based.

Full-scale integration enables branch personnel to experience Accelerated Insight as part of their normal workflow. It also enables institutions to feed customer data from Accelerated Insight directly into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, eliminating an extra step in the onboarding process.

Web Service Integration with Magnetic Stripe or 2-D Barcode Input

In addition to accepting keyboard input, Accelerated Insight can also accept customer data from the magnetic stripe or 2-D barcode of a driver license. Using magstripe readers—whether they’re already deployed in branches or provisioned by Dragnet for your trial—dramatically streamlines the process the customer onboarding process. Just swipe their driver license and Accelerated Insight instantly delivers accurate customer data on the screen, allowing your new-account team member to spend more time cross selling additional products and services.

These are just some examples of the forms that a trial of Accelerated Insight can take. Contact us if you’d like to discuss your particular interests and requirements.

To learn more about Accelerated Insight, please contact us.