BAI Retail Delivery Exposition - Washington, D.C. 2012Dragnet Solutions booth at BAI Retail Expo


We’re back from this year’s BAI Retail Delivery Conference in Washington, D.C. It was a great conference:  good speakers, lively conversations, and lots of innovation to see on the exhibition floor.

There was a lot of excitement about mobile. But in our conversations with bankers, we found that many institutions, large and small, are still wrestling with classic challenges such as identity verification, compliance, and fraud detection even in that most unmobile environment—the branch.

These institutions are looking for new, foolproof, and efficient ways to address challenges related to account creation and identity verification—challenges such as:

  • Verifying name, address, Social Security Number, and date at account opening
  • Reducing B Notice penalties from the IRS for filings with unmatched names and SSNs
  • Eliminating typos from customer data entered at account opening
  • Growing accounts by getting an accurate real-time risk assessment on customers with little or no banking history (the underbanked and the unbanked)

In our booth, we demonstrated our identity verification services.

For identity verification and OFAC-checking at account opening, banks and credit unions can use our Accelerated Insight service to verify names, date of birth, and Social Security Numbers, while getting the latest address on record. In addition, institutions get a risk/confidence score that predicts account profitability, even for unbanked and underbanked customers.

We also demonstrated our document authentication service, Intercept, which detects fraudulent driver’s licenses, tracks the use of a specific document across transactions and locations, and alerts institutions to the re-use of an ID photo across multiple documents.

If you attended the show, what were the highlights for you?