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Real-time Identity Document Authentication
for Financial Institutions

Intercept is a real-time identity document authentication solution that enables financial institutions to streamline customer on-boarding, to increase sales and productivity, and to reduce fraud. Intercept analyzes identity documents such as driver licenses in real time and provides branch personnel with actionable intelligence about the document’s authenticity. Financial institutions can integrate Intercept with workflow applications to track the use of identity documents across transactions and locations.

Track Identity Documents Across Transactions and Locations

Intercept tracks the use of any identity document across branch locations. If a document is presented at an unusual number of locations over a short period of time, or if a document shows signs of forgery or tampering, Intercept alerts branch personnel immediately. Intercept helps branches collaboratively combat fraud rings.

Detect Fraud Now, Not Tomorrow

Intercept replaces time-consuming batch processing and back-end processes with instant document authentication. Branch personnel are alerted to fraud in time to take action and to prevent losses.

Give Branch Personnel Photographic Memory

Intercept gives branch personnel and point-of-service applications real-time access to a secure repository of document images. Branch personnel can view customer photos, document analyses, and fraud alerts.

Reduce Errors While Accelerating Workflow

Intercept reduces keystrokes and keystroke errors, shrinking exception-handling volumes and measurably improving customer experience. Documentation authentication never comes at the expense of prompt service.

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