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Accelerated Insight:
Real-Time Account Screening for Financial Institutions

Accelerated Insight uses powerful data-cleansing and fraud-detection algorithms to help you know—and sell to—your customers immediately. Support aggressive account creation and cross-selling while cutting costs, reducing fraud, and facilitating compliance with KYC/CIP, the Red Flags Rule, and OFAC. Measurably improve customer experience by instantly confirming customer identity and accelerating the on-boarding process.

Change the Point-of-Scrutiny to the Point-of-Service

Get fast, accurate customer information for all initial contacts—in person or online. Branch operations become fast, simple, and straightforward.

Start with an Accurate Foundation for Sales

Nothing undermines a sales effort more quickly than a misspelled name or an incorrect SSN. Give your sales and marketing initiatives an accurate foundation to build on with CRM records that are accurate from the moment customer accounts are created.

Reduce Errors While Accelerating Workflow

Reduce both keystrokes and keystroke errors, shrinking exception-handling volumes and measurably improving customer experience. Reduce and automatically correct non-typographical errors, such as faulty or expired data from outdated driver licenses.

Detect Fraud Now, Not Tomorrow

Replace time-consuming batch processing and back-end processes with instant identity verification. Branch personnel and online applications get the data they need, when they need it. Accelerated Insight can even uncover synthetic identify fraud and other difficult-to-detect scams.

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