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Accelerate customer onboarding with data-driven insights.

DSi (Dragnet Solutions, Inc.) provides the data-driven intelligence your organization needs to seamlessly capture and authenticate more IDs and verify more profitable customers — so you can say yes to more customers, faster.


The secret to accelerating growth for your company is delivering a more frictionless onboarding experience for your customers. Discover how our four real-time web services can help you seamlessly onboard new prospects, reduce mobile abandonment, verify and match profitable customers, and lower application rejection rates.

Millions of potential customers. Zero tolerance for waiting.



A typical rate of mobile abandonment can be as high as 80%, leading to significant lost business. Accelerated Insight® delivers fast and easy mobile onboarding in seconds to improve your customer experience.



A wait of just 5 minutes increases mobile abandonment by as much as 200%. Accelerated Insight authenticates customer IDs in seconds to streamline your onboarding experience and keep customers engaged.


30% of the U.S. population is invisible to most ID verification services. Accelerated Insight verifies identities and matches profitable customers, making it possible to identify the invisible and grow revenue.


Up to 70% of loans are rejected by financial services companies. Accelerated Insight revives rejected loan customers to grow profits with no increase in marketing investment.



Mobile onboarding has become a critical requirement in the following industries, many of which have been reshaped by the mobile-first Sharing Economy.

Accelerated Insight has enabled us to rapidly grow our customer base in a responsible way. Done correctly, KYC practices support growth, not inhibit it.
— Dan Holt, CEO, BillGO

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