AI Customer Insight 

AI Customer Insight accelerates customer onboarding by analyzing customer identity data in real time. The AI Customer Insight platform features two secure web services that can be easily integrated into any mobile platform, web site, or in-store or in-branch application:

  • AI Lift applies proprietary Machine Learning techniques to analyze rejected financial applications for overlooked indications of creditworthiness, enabling companies to say “yes” to profitable applicants they would have otherwise have rejected.
    • Open more profitable accounts.
      Using AI Lift, lenders can identify significant numbers of rejected accounts that can be converted to profitable accounts.
    • Achieve an ROI of 30:1.
      Lenders who have implemented AI Lift and opened accounts they would have otherwise rejected have achieved an ROI of 30:
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      • AI Verify performs advanced data analysis on submitted consumer information to verify identifies and return risk/confidence scores in real time.
        • Get real-time insights.
          AI Verify helps grow profitable accounts by identifying profitable accounts in real time. Its advanced scoring capabilities can be tuned for a particular customer base, returning highly accurate predictions of profitability.
        • Match more applicants.
          AI Verify enables companies to say "yes" to more customers by matching data for the 30% of applicants–including Millennials, immigrants, and non-prime customers–who are invisible to traditional account-screening services. 
        • Improve data quality.
          AI Verify also automatically updates customer address information, improving data quality and ensuring that statements and other customer communications are delivered promptly. About 30% of driver's licenses include out-of-date information. AI Verify ensures this erroneous information is corrected automatically during onboarding.

      Accelerate Onboarding with Real-Time Analytics

      AI Customer Insight optimizes mobile and in-store onboarding experiences for both organizations and customers by delivering:

      • Real-time identity verification, CIP compliance, and risk analysis
      • Match rates that are as much as 30% higher than those of traditional screening services
      • Data-driven insights that support saying “yes” to more accounts with confidence, enabling companies to grow profitable accounts
      • Reduced risks of fraud and financial loss
      Your score is rank ordering our new customer First Payment Default (FPD) exceptionally well. It moves the needle more than our credit scores do.
      — Non-Bank Lender

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